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Natalie Rhea

Natalie Rhea is a filmmaker and photographer whose work is inspired by her own curiosity and by honest, intentional stories of real people and the environments that shape them. She developed a fascination with the camera at a young age. While getting a film degree, she hustled as a country radio deejay, developing relationships with artists and managers that led her to work as a filmmaker and photographer in the music industry. Over time she found herself writing comedy from her own unique life and road experiences, and was inspired to bring the awkward humor of humanity into her work, along with her adventurous spirit.

She’s traveled the world shooting for various musicians and brands like Swarovski Optik, YETI, Samsung, Tecovas, King Ranch, Traeger, Ooni Pizza Ovens and more. While she has basecamps in Texas and the U.K., when she’s not on a production you can find her hiking mountains, fly fishing and jet setting around the globe.